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30 September 2011 @ 11:57 pm
Though she has mortal blood in her veins, for the most part Skadi has the expected attributes of an Asgardian - superior strength, reflexes, and endurance compared to normal humans. She does not injury easily and when she does she shrugs it off with less effort. Her metabolism is also higher than her appearance would belie and so she has a fairly impressive appetite.

Since she has been training from an early age, Skadi is already a decent fighter. Her style is more about speed and persistence than brute force, but she's been known to go into something of berserker mode when heading in for the kill. Her preferred weapons are a combination spear-staff and knives. In battle she wears mail and light armor, with no helmet or shield; instead she has a silver mask she wears to cover her face styled after the image of a wolf.

Although she is still unaware of her Jotunn heritage, from an early age Skadi possessed two abilities inherited from that part of her lineage: an immunity to cold, and the ability to create and shape ice in small amounts. Though she isn't certain where this affinity for ice of hers comes from, Skadi has never questioned it or remarked on it to any older members of her family, assuming that it somehow derives from her father being a sorcerer.